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September 2017 to July 2019: £20 per half hour lesson, payable in advance by monthly standing order of £50 per calendar month throughout the period of tuition.  

This is worked out on the basis of 30 lessons @ £20 totalling £600 per annum, averaged out at £50 per month over 12 calendar months.This entitles the student to 30 regular weekly lessons per year.  

My teaching terms total 33 weeks, which fall within the state school academic year and run from mid-September to early December, mid-January to late March/early April, and mid-April to mid-July ).  Students have the option of rescheduling up to 3 lessons within the 33 weeks, to accommodate events such as illness, holidays, school trips etc.

Bonus lessons 
Students who attend all 30 lessons within the 33 weeks of my teaching terms will qualify for an additional 3 lessons per year without any additional charge.  

Cancellations and refunds
No refunds are offered to students for any lessons which they do not attend. However, should I be unable for any reason to teach a lesson, you will be notified as soon as possible and I will refund your fees for that lesson as soon as possible. 

Initial consultation lessons
You are welcome to book an initial half hour consultation lesson with me, with no obligation to book further lessons.  The fee for the consultation lesson is £20 payable on the day of the lesson.

Tuition following the initial consultation lesson is subject to a contract signed by both teacher and parent/student prior to the commencement of regular weekly lessons.  The notice period for ending tuition is one month.

For further details regarding terms and conditions, please email me at

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